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The fact that I am just now getting around to writing at all is testimony to the fact that it’s been a crazy week.  Absolutely, completely chaotic and overwhelming and exhausting.  After finally getting Lydia enrolled in school, we went Wednesday morning to meet her teacher.  But let’s cover the background first…You know those amazing little pills they give to hyper active children, well Lydia had run out and since her prescription wasn’t supposed to end until May 11th, we were left without any drugs.  Nothing to help calm her and help her control her actions.  So, drug free Lydia rolls into school completely un-ready to tackle her first day.  I met her teacher, who is the picture of elementary education, and walked Lydia down hallways covered with art work, writing assignments, and loads of kids.  I walk away completely trusting her in the hands of strangers and tried desperately hard to concentrate on all the work I am so very behind in.  At about 1:00pm I get a call from the principle, Mrs. Starnes, telling me that Lydia has completely destroyed the classroom.  She didn’t destroy it physically, but I guarantee there was no learning accomplished that day in the class.  She threw her shoes, flirted with all the boys, screamed and rolled around on the floor and acted like a complete crazy person.  The write up they sent home with her was three pages long.

When I got the call I became a complete weepy mess.  These last few days have been some of the most exhausting of my life.  I hadn’t unpacked her stuff, the cupboards are bare, any day now my boss is going to fire me because of how much work I’ve missed.  The house is a mess, the dog runs and hides, I’ve had to quite leading KidSpring and Home Group and certainly will have to give up Area Leading too until thing calm down.  I have been crying for days…in my kitchen while I cook, in the bedroom while I organize, in the bathroom while I brush my teeth, in the office while I try to get caught up.  Weepy woman.  It’s been ridiculous.  So when I heard that Lydia got taken to the principle on her first day, I was beside myself.  Plus couple that with the things I read in her Diary yesterday morning, I didn’t know what to do.

I spent the afternoon trying to make the most of every teachable moment.  As a mom (I guess that’s what I am now!) you realize that throughout the day there are a million teachable moments.  I mustered up patience and love and spent the afternoon playing in the sprinkler with her, reading with her, and talking with her about what happened at school.  I had her write down three things she could do to make her next school day a success.  She came up with:  Listen.  Be good.  Follow directions.  I thought those were pretty good.  Then I just spent some time getting to know her more, building her up.  Mrs. Starnes was completely impressed with Lydia’s ability to read.  She said she’s reading way beyond a second grade level.  Lydia keeps on shocking me with how smart she is, not only in regards to the world but to God as well.  She randomly talks about Creation and Adam and Eve and when I asked her what love is she said: “Laying your life down for a friend.”  She has this amazing foundation from who knows where.  We just need to clear away the rubble from the house that fell down and rebuild a new house.  But I’m getting off subject.  🙂

Building her up…  Lydia will stand in front of the mirror and tell herself how ugly and fat and ridiculous she looks.  She needs affirmation like no kid I’ve ever met before.  And believe me, I have been trying every second to give her just that.  She says “Excuse me” when she burps, I praise her.  She is gentle with Max, I praise her.  She eats all her food, I praise her.  It’s opposite what I’ve always believed and taught, but I believe that if we start with transforming her behaviors, her heart will eventually catch on.  I cannot reason away with her what happened and how she feels and the things she thinks about.  But if we can control those behaviors, I believe eventually the rest will follow.  And behaviors are changed with praise.

We learned that at school today too.  Mrs. Starnes and Mrs. James (her teacher), met us in the office today with a sticker chart already complete with two stickers…just for showing up.  Lydia was so excited to earn stickers for good behavior.  At 10:30 I got a call from Mrs. Starnes saying Lydia had already earned enough stickers to get a prize.  Lydia piped up over the speaker phone, “I’m a good girl!”.  Yes, sweet child, you are good.  I have never beamed with pride more than I did at the moment that I got a good report from the principle.  I felt giddy.  Excited.  Like a mom.

I picked her up after school (Dawn was supposed to but got in an accident on her way…what a Jonah of a week!!) and we spent the afternoon just hanging out.  We got ice cream as a reward for good behavior, went to the park and played at the “beach” by the lake; we ate dinner and played with toys and read piles of books.  She’s an incredible kid.  I needed today to get past yesterday.  I think God knew I couldn’t handle two of those days in a row.

I know this post is chaotic and random, but apparently that’s how my life is now.  Completely unpredictable and out of my control.  But I also know that each day I love Lydia more, I understand her more, and more things are put in place to help her succeed.  Beth Moore once said that things don’t go from bad to better.  They go from bad to worst…but then eventually you look back and see that they are under your feet.  Yesterday was one of those “worst” days.  I know there are plenty more ahead on this road called healing.  Lydia is an incredibly broken child and it will take years to build her back up.  But today we put one brick on that foundation.  Today we removed one more stone that was left behind.  And once again, we made it through today, and today, that’s all I needed.


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