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Just Another Monday

Sometimes the hardest question for me to answer is, “how are the kids doing?”  A few co-workers asked me that today and everything in me wished it was last week Friday and I could honestly say for the first time in a long time that everything was great.  I wanted to tell them how we’d made it through the week with no new holes in the walls and how, as far as I can remember, I didn’t get yelled at even once.  I wanted to be able to say, “you know, things are fantastic.  Everyone is happy and healthy and great.  We’re doing just great.”  But that would be a lie.  So I tell them it’s complicated and skirt around the fact that the assistant principal pressed number two on his speed dial (I like to think that there is at least one family whose kiddos are worse behaved than mine) telling me that, once again, I had to come pick up Sweet Pea from school.  It was the normal things: yelling at her classmates to shut up, putting her feet on her desk, running around the room and not paying attention.  They would’ve just let her stay in the office if that had been all.  But she hit a kid.  They just don’t allow that at school.  Ever.  

So when people asked me today how the kids were I sighed and told them we’re surviving.  That we’re hanging in there.  And that at the end of the night all three of us are still breathing.  That’s not what people want to hear.  They want to hear how my adorable blond hair, blue eyed babes are making great headway and are such a picture of success.  They like to pat me on the back and say, “you’re making such a difference” and tell me what a wonderful mother I am.  But today I didn’t have the strength to make up some cutesie story and smile and nod and tell them we’re great.  The truth is today we’re just surviving.  Hanging in there.  Still breathing.


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